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Bargaining Ends for the Week – More Sessions Scheduled


February 13th, 2020

The bargaining committees met again today to discuss your new contract.  Our discussions today mainly focused on contract language.

The union bargaining committee had an opportunity to share feedback with the company on work schedules and hours, promotions and transfers, and managers performing bargaining unit work.

Company representatives appreciated the dialogue and shared their gratitude for the hard work you do, knowing that it’s one of the reasons customers choose to shop at Kroger.

The company also shared its position on having greater operational flexibility in the contract to run the business more efficiently.

The company respects the union membership committee’s efforts to obtain the best package for the people they represent. It is the company’s hopes that we reach an agreement that improves working conditions, benefits and compensation for our employees while maintaining our overall success both now and into the future. Bottom line: we all share the goal of a balanced and fair agreement that we hope we can reach soon.

Our next bargaining sessions are scheduled Feb. 25-27. We will be providing you with updates as soon as we have something to share. If you have any questions during this process, please talk to your store leader, or you can also email questions

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