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Why a Company-Administered Plan for Health Care?


July 14th, 2020

Health care benefits are important to you. They are important to the company, too. That’s why we provide these benefits to you as a valued associate. Our health care proposal addresses the following:

  1. Provides secure, stable, affordable health care benefits for associates for the life of the contract
  2. Improves benefit options for our associates through modern plan designs, which lead to better health outcomes
  3. Leverages the size and scale of the Kroger Family of Companies
  4. Provides transparency and standardization in administration of benefits

Our proposal includes providing your benefits through a company-administered plan.

Let’s be clear: Can the UFCW guarantee the South-Central Fund will not cut your benefits for the life of the next contract?

Click here for an easy-to-read chart on some differences between a company-administered plan and the South-Central Trust Fund plan. You can also watch this video.


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