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Company and Union Agree: Benefit Changes Are Necessary


August 11th, 2020

Today, UFCW Local 455 provided a counter proposal on health care benefits to the company. The union’s proposal includes higher associate contribution rates, deductibles and out-of-pocket maximums, and increases hours eligibility requirements – all while keeping your benefits tied to the unstable South-Central Fund. Don’t take our word for it. You can view the union’s health care proposal.

Both parties agree that health care changes are needed. One significant difference between our two proposals is who administers your benefits.

  • Even with the union’s proposed benefit changes, can the UFCW guarantee that the South-Central Fund will not cut your benefits during the life of the contract?
  • Why is the UFCW so determined to keep your benefits in the unstable South-Central Fund?

The Company proposal attempts to use one of Kroger’s most significant competitive advantages – our overall size – and leverage that to the advantage of our associates. The Union’s proposal ignores that advantage by insisting that we provide health care through the smaller South-Central Fund.

Click here for a side by side comparison of your current South-Central Plans and the union’s proposed changes to the South-Central Plans.

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