Get the Facts on our Last Best Final Offer

Get the Facts

August 25th, 2020

We have been open and transparent, posting all our proposals with explanations, including our Last Best and Final Offer for you to download and review.

Let’s be clear:  The company and union are deadlocked (at impasse) on health care.

The union has repeatedly stated that they will never agree to a contract that includes a company-administered plan. Likewise, the company has repeatedly stated that we would not agree to continue to have our associates’ health care tied to the unstable South-Central Fund and a company administered plan is the only acceptable option. We heard the union has been misstating our offer in several areas. Here are the facts:


You still have a voice in health care

·         Our proposal guarantees your benefit coverage and contributions through the life of the contract

·         As always, all future benefit coverage and associate contributions would be negotiated by the union

·         In addition, we added language in our proposal that company and union representatives would meet quarterly to discuss issues or concerns with the company-administered plan.

Our proposed company-administered plan is backed and guaranteed by Kroger’s 136-year history

·         Store leaders and office associates across the Kroger Family of Companies are also covered under a company-administered plan

·         Unionized associates from other members of the Kroger Family of Companies like Delta (Little Rock), Michigan, Roundy’s and Mariano’s have a company-administered plan

We are improving wages for all associates through the life of the contract

·         Over the life of the contract, hourly rates would increase for all associates ranging from $.90 to $2.45 per hour

·         Department Heads would receive more money than they have ever received and at a quicker pace – $1.50 over the 3-year contract

·         Ratification bonus of $600 (Department Heads), $500 (Full-Time Top-Rate) or $300 (Part Time Top-Rate)

We believe our Last, Best and Final Offer is a solid offer. It puts more money in your pocket with wage increases and provides secure, reliable, affordable health care with a company-administered plan through April 8, 2023.

We hope the union provides you an opportunity to vote. Please get all the facts, talk with your family and friends, attend the meeting for your bargaining unit, and vote if you get the chance.

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