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Company and Union Remain Deadlocked on Health Care


September 3rd, 2020

Thank you for your patience during the negotiation process.

During our sessions this week, union bargaining committee members had the opportunity to discuss their concerns, including those with moving away from the South-Central Fund for health care benefits. Company representatives appreciated the dialogue and restated the reasons the company remains firm with our proposed company-administered plan. Even with these candid conversations, unfortunately, we did not make any progress toward breaking the deadlock on health care.

Our Last, Best and Final Offer Remains on the Table

Our Last, Best and Final Offer is a solid offer – so much so that your union appears afraid to give you the opportunity to vote on it. It includes:

  • Wage Increases Hourly rate increases over the life of the contract ranging from $.90 to $2.45 per hour – more than you’ve ever received during the life a contract
  • Stable and Affordable Benefits Provides predictable, secure and reliable health care benefits for associates through a company-administered plan that leverages the power of 100,000+ Kroger associates and family members. The benefits provided in our proposal are guaranteed for the life of the agreement.
  • Personal Holidays Associates will accumulate personal holidays more quickly
  • Minimum Hours Guarantee Increases the minimum hours guarantee from 15 hours to 18 hours per week
  • Night Shift Premium Improves wage premiums for all work performed between the hours of 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. for all regularly scheduled night crew associates

It’s unfortunate that Local 455 has not allowed you to vote on the company’s Last, Best and Final Offer. The deadline to vote and ratify the contract and receive the previously described ratification bonus is September 4.

We hope the union reconsiders our offer and allows you to vote. Please get all the facts, talk with your family and friends, attend the meeting for your bargaining unit, and vote if you get the chance. We encourage you to review and download our Last, Best and Final Offer.

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