Setting the Record Straight

Get the Facts

September 17th, 2020

Your union recently published a handbill comparing their proposed health care benefits through the South-Central Fund vs. benefits through our proposed company-administered plan. We’ve heard concerns from some of you and feel it is necessary to set the record straight:

  • Some of the information they shared was incorrect and misleading – even on items in their own proposal.
  • The union also failed to provide you with side-by-side comparisons of associate weekly contributions and co-insurance, which are two of the biggest factors determining what you will pay for your health care.
  • We have also heard that the union is telling associates to enroll in the South-Central Fund for 2021 benefits. Kroger will no longer be paying for your future benefit coverage in the South-Central Fund. If you intend to have benefits in 2021 through your employer – Kroger – it is imperative that you enroll in the company-administered plan.
  • Check it out for yourself. You can view the union’s and company’s health care.

The union wants to mislead you in order to protect and maintain their health and welfare trust fund, the very fund that significantly reduced your benefits in May 2019. Incorrect pieces of information as the union’s communication below shows will not help you make an informed decision. Here are the facts:

More importantly, here are the comparisons on associate weekly contributions and co-insurance, which the union failed to share:

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