We Hear You!


September 25th, 2020

Over the last few weeks, we have heard your frustrations and concerns on not being able to vote and have a voice on our Last, Best and Final Offer, including missing out on the earlier Ratification Bonus.

We want you to have the opportunity to have that extra money in your pocket – in addition to the wage increases we are implementing effective October 4.

Today, we communicated with Local 455 that our Last, Best and Final Offer, including a new Ratification Bonus, is back on the table and asked again that you be allowed to vote on the offer.

One-time Ratification Bonuses would be paid if the offer is ratified on or before

October 17, 2020:

  • $600 – Department Heads
  • $500 – Full-Time Top Rate Associates
  • $300 – Part-Time Top Rate Associates

All the other terms in our offer still stand. You can download and review our Last, Best and Final Offer for Clerks and Meat or ask your store leader for a copy.

We hope the union gives you the opportunity to vote on this offer and have a voice that they claim you should have. If you want to vote, speak with your union representative.

Thank you for all that you are doing to take care of your customers and each other.

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