Every Vote Counts – Including Yours!


October 1st, 2020

With the upcoming elections, voting is on everyone’s mind. We respect your right to participate in the democratic process by voting, and we believe your union likely does as well.  We hope that Local 455 also supports the democratic process when it comes to allowing you to have a voice and decide whether our Last, Best and Final Offer is a good offer for you and your family.

If Local 455 does not allow you to vote on our most recent offer, a fair question is why doesn’t your union want you voting on our Last, Best and Final Offer?

The offer we have provided to Local 455 affirms our commitment in our associates:

  • Stable and secure health care benefits by moving to a company-administered plan
  • Providing wage increases for all associates, and more.

Despite the clear benefits for associates, Local 455 has refused to allow members like you the opportunity to vote on this deal.

Further, to recognize and reward your efforts and commitment to our customers and as an incentive, Kroger has extended the availability of a Ratification Bonus, ranging from $300-600 depending on position, if the offer is ratified on or before October 17, 2020.

This is a good deal – for you and for the company. The company is investing in you and your future. Don’t just take our word for it, here is what the experts have to say:

  • Kroger has proposed a significant reform to the healthcare plan offered to its employees: moving from a health and welfare trust fund plan to a company-administered plan. This may sound like a nothing burger, but in fact, strikes at the heart of affordable healthcare benefits that are reliable for families… Think about it – would you rather have your family’s healthcare benefits backed by a Fortune 25 company, or a health and welfare trust fund with a lengthy history of mismanagement, zero transparency, and a lack of accountability? – Merrill Matthews, Ph.D., Resident Scholar, Institute for Policy Innovation
  • From being one of the first companies to reward its associates with “Hero Pay” and bonuses, access to mental health services, to establishing free drive-thru COVID testing locations throughout the Houston community, to installing glass partitions, enhanced cleaning and enforcing social distancing policies early on – it is clear we need more strong corporate citizens like Kroger to step up to the challenge and be part of the solution. – Former Houston Congressman Gene Green

You can download and review our Last, Best and Final Offer for Clerks and Meat or ask your store leader for a copy.

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