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October 27th, 2020

It’s unfortunate that your union continues to mislead you. We believe the union is desperate and continues to misrepresent the facts in order to create fear and uncertainty. Our Last, Best and Final Offer speaks for itself. Consider the following highlights:


  • Wage increases for top-rate associates and department heads as outlined in our Last, Best and Final Offer were effective for the hours worked beginning October 4, 2020 and were reflected beginning with your October 15 paycheck.
  • Associates will continue to progress in their current wage progression until February 7, 2021, at which point all associates will move to the new wage schedule as outlined in our offer. This is in addition to the wage increases already scheduled for this year from your prior contract.
  • The extension of the ratification bonus has expired. Your union’s decision on our Last, Best and Final offer has silenced your voice and took away your decision to ratify and receive that money. Ask your union why they did not allow you to vote?

Paid Time Off

  • Our proposal does not cut your paid time off. All current associates will maintain their current vacation pay and, in our Meat contract proposal, we are adding an additional week to Part-Time Meat associates’ vacation.
  • Our proposal also allows associates to accumulate personal holidays more quickly.

More Hours

  • Our proposal increases minimum hours from 15 to 18 per week.

Full-Time Status

  • Our proposal on Full-Time and Part-Time ratio does not impact the status of any current Full-Time associate.

Health Care

  • Health and Welfare Trust Funds – like South-Central and Memphis – are not employee-controlled as the union would have you believe. Think of it this way – did you or other Kroger associates have any control over the benefit cuts the South-Central Fund made in May 2019?
  • The union cannot guarantee your benefits in a Health and Welfare Trust Fund. The company has guaranteed your benefits in a company-administered plan, including your weekly contributions and benefit plans, through the life of the contract. The company-administered plan gives you the benefits and peace of mind you deserve during a pandemic.
  • The union’s recent health care proposal shifts costs to you and your co-workers. You can look at a side-by-side comparison of the company and union proposals or ask your union representative for a copy of their health care proposal.

Remember: Open Enrollment in the Kroger plan for your health care benefits, effective January 1, 2021, begins November 2 and runs through November 20.

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