Nobody Wins with a Strike


October 28th, 2020

We have heard that the union is taking a strike authorization vote next week. You can influence this decision by voting for what is right for you and your family at one of the meetings that the union will be holding.

Unfortunately, this means we must be prepared in the event the union gets strike authorization and chooses to take this action.

That’s why you will see us making contingency plans and advertising for temporary employees. This is not something we want to do but must do so we can continue to run our business and meet customers’ needs during the current pandemic should a work stoppage occur.  We hope the union won’t take this course.

The union uses a strike threat as a tactic because they believe it puts pressure on the company. In reality, it puts stress on you. It makes your work life and paycheck uncertain.

  • A strike threat here is wrong. We are investing significantly in your wages, health care and pension in our Last, Best, and Final Offer. Why won’t the union give you the opportunity to vote on those investments? Instead they are asking you to authorize a strike and disrupt your lives!
  • A strike threat also makes no logical sense. Can the union really expect to get a better contract by striking and harming the company financially?
  • No one wins with a strike. We believe it always does harm and is never any good for anyone.

The union may try to convince you otherwise.

Ask yourself:  

Would you and other associates be better off if a strike is called by the union and you don’t receive a paycheck from the company?


Would you and other associates be better served if the union would allow you to vote on our Last, Best and Final Offer which includes wage increases, stable, reliable and affordable health care and pension investments for your retirement?  

The choice is yours.

Do what is right for you and your family.

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