Important Health Care Benefits Reminder and FAQs


November 10th, 2020

Beginning January 1, 2021, Kroger will be providing your health care benefits through a new plan—a plan that Kroger will administer, will be financially stable, and will not require you to take the types of benefit reductions and cost increases for the life of this contract that were forced on you in the past under the South-Central Health and Welfare Fund.

To ensure that you do not lose health care benefits, please remember to enroll in the Kroger-administered plan by November 20, 2020.

What happens to my healthcare if I don’t sign up for the Kroger-administered plan?

If you do not enroll for the Kroger-administered plan, you risk losing benefits and coverage in 2021.  We don’t want to see that happen so sign up for the Kroger-administered plan if you haven’t already.  For information on how to enroll, please go to the FEED, then Human Resources, Total Rewards, and click on Benefit Connect Enrollment or see your store leader.

The union has said that I don’t need to sign up for the Kroger plan and it will force Kroger to stay in the South-Central Fund and that I should enroll in that Fund only.  Is that correct?

No.  The Company will stop contributing to the Taft Hartley Fund effective January 1, 2021. If you want to be sure you have health care coverage for 2021, you will need to enroll in the Kroger Health plan.

Kroger associates/UFCW Local 455 members were forced to take benefit cuts and were required by the Fund to pay 65% or more of their health care costs in 2019 and 2020.  That won’t happen under the Kroger plan for the life of the contract and we are not interested in continuing to contribute millions of dollars into the South-Central Fund that put these costs on you.

Kroger is sending this reminder because we don’t want to see our hard-working associates potentially lose their benefits.  As the company has already informed the Union, if you want to have healthcare benefits in 2021, you should sign up for the Kroger plan to protect you and your family.

If I sign up for both plans just to be safe, will I have to pay my weekly contributions twice – one to the South-Central Fund and one to the company plan?

No, you will not have a double payment in your weekly contributions for your health care benefits in 2021. Kroger would only initiate payroll deductions for the Kroger-administered plan after January 1, 2021.

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