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November 14th, 2020

We are continuing to hear that UFCW Local 455 is providing you with inaccurate information about the company-administered health care plan and open enrollment for your 2021 benefit coverage. It is causing unnecessary fear and uncertainty for associates.

The union is not comparing their proposal to keep benefits in the South-Central Fund with our Kroger plan proposal. They are comparing your current contract benefits with our current proposal.  We aren’t sure why the union is sharing your current benefit levels rather than their proposal that significantly changes your current benefits. Consider the following:

Has the union given you a copy in writing of their proposal that makes significant changes in order to keep your benefits in the South-Central Fund? You can and should ask for it.

Have they provided you with a complete side-by-side comparison of their proposal versus the Kroger health care proposal? Check it out for yourself on Here are the facts:

Union Fiction Company Facts
Kroger’s plan is designed to make it more expensive for you to use your health care. ·         The company plan is secure, reliable and affordable unlike the South-Central Fund which cut your benefits in 2019, requiring you to pay 65% of your health care costs.

·         The company plan guarantees your benefit coverage for the life of your agreement. Can the union guarantee that the South-Central Fund will not cut your benefits in the future?

Out-of-Pocket (OOP) Maximums: Your OOP maximum is guaranteed under your contract to be set at $4,000/$8,000 for Plans A& B and $4,500/$9,000 for Plan C. · These OOP maximums are for your current benefits. Your union’s health care proposal raises your OOP maximums in the South-Central Fund.

·  Under the proposed South-Central Fund plans, OOP maximums listed are medical only. Your actual OOP maximums in the South-Central Fund are aligned with the Affordable Care Act – for 2021 South-Central Fund Plan OOP maximums would be $8,150/$16,300.

·  Under the union’s proposal, there is no cap for out-of-network OOP maximums.

Emergency Room Visits: Under your current employee-controlled plan, it is guaranteed under contract that an emergency room visit co-pay is $100 + co-insurance for hospital stays or specialty visits. ·  Under the proposed South-Central Fund plans, ER visits are $150+20% for Plan A, $150+25% for Plan B and $300+30% for Plan C.

We don’t want to see our hard-working associates potentially lose their benefits.  As the company has already informed the Union, if you want to have healthcare benefits in 2021, you should sign up for the Kroger plan to protect you and your family.

Thousands of your fellow associates eligible for benefits in 2021 have already enrolled in the Kroger plan in just the past week and a half.

If you are eligible for benefits and have not signed up for the Kroger-administered plan, you should enroll to ensure coverage in 2021.  For information on how to enroll, please go to FEED, then Human Resources, Total Rewards, and click on Benefit Connect Enrollment or see your store leader.

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