Our Last, Best and Final Offer: The Real Facts

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December 9th, 2020

Since negotiations began in February, we have been very transparent on our proposals and offers, keeping you and your co-workers informed every step of the way through your store leader and by posting all our proposals on www.krogerhoustoncba.com.

UFCW Local 455, on the other hand, continues to misrepresent the facts to create fear and uncertainty. Our Last, Best and Final Offer is a strong offer and includes wage increases for all associates, secure and stable health care benefits, and a reinstated one-time ratification bonus for all associates. Yet, Local 455 continually refuses to allow you the opportunity to vote our offer and is threatening a strike that puts your paycheck in jeopardy. Consider the facts vs. the union’s recent statements concerning our offer.

Union Statements Company Facts
Eliminates a number of full-time positions in a majority of stores · Our proposal on Full-Time and Part-Time ratio does not impact the status of any current Full-Time associate.
Makes it harder for you to get wage increases · We provided permanent wage increases to many associates in October and all other associates will receive a permanent wage increase in early February 2021.

· You will make more money faster and we are guaranteeing increases each year of the contract.

Destroys your current health care by putting Kroger solely in charge of your costs and coverage ·  Nearly 8,000 of eligible associates have elected coverage in the company-administered plan for 2021.

·  By comparison, the number of enrolled associates in the company plan for 2021 is over 600 associates more than those enrolled in South Central for 2020. More are enrolling every day. We believe this is because our associates understand the value and security that the company-administered plan represents.

·  Your union will continue to bargain your health care contributions and coverage for future contracts.

Pays clerks less for jobs they’re asked to do ·  Our proposal would allow associates to move within departments and could potentially mean additional hours for associates and an opportunity to learn more aspects of the business.

·  It also provides the company with flexibility to back fill hours due to call-offs or when a department is understaffed.

Makes it harder to qualify for daily overtime ·  We are proposing to change daily overtime from 8 hours to 8.5 hours. Rather than eliminating it entirely, we want to give associates who are working to serve customers or complete tasks at the end of their shift the opportunity to still earn daily overtime.

·  We will also continue to follow all Federal labor laws and provide overtime after 40 hours per week.

·   It’s also important to note that your coworkers in Louisiana also covered by Local 455 do not have daily overtime in their contracts.

Reduces paid vacation for certain workers ·  Our proposal limits the vacation for new hires filling part-time roles only.

·  All current associates will maintain their current vacation pay and, in our Meat contract proposal, we are adding an additional week to Part-Time Meat associates’ vacation.

·  In addition, our proposal allows associates to accumulate personal holidays more quickly.

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