What is Your Union Not Sharing with You?

Get the Facts

December 16th, 2020

Today, we met with Local 455 and continue to remain at impasse over health care. Your union continues to criticize the company-administered plan, but have they shared what their entire health care proposal would mean for you and your family?

Who is Local 455 trying to kid? As we have shared in the past, your union has proposed significant health care changes in order to keep your benefits tied to the South-Central Fund. We have given you many side-by-side comparisons – all available at www.krogerhoustoncba.com.

Associate contributions affect your weekly paycheck – the union’s proposal on contributions is more costly than what the company is proposing. Associates in Plan B and C will see an improvement in co-insurance in the company plan versus the union’s proposal. Why is the union not sharing these facts with you?

In their latest communication, your union is taking three items from our proposal and presenting them out of context while ignoring the reality of their proposal. Consider the following:

The company knows that access to quality and reliable health care is important for you and believes you need to consider all the facts.

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