An Update from Union Meetings this Week


January 15th, 2021

This week, the company met with Local 455. During the first session, our discussions focused on COVID and our safety measures.

Your well-being continues to remain our top priority as we continue to navigate the pandemic and evaluate our safety measures. For instance, with the recent spike in cases across the city and the reduction of capacity in restaurant and bar closures, we have reinstated greeters at store entrances to clean and sanitize bascarts.

In response to the recent concerns raised by the union, we shared with them, as we have done throughout the pandemic, our safety guidelines as well as our cleaning protocols:

  • PPE provided daily to every associate
  • Enhanced daily sanitation practices
  • Deep cleaning and sanitizing the entire store by a third-party with every reported positive case
  • Plastic partitions installed at check lanes
  • Floor decals to promote social distancing

During our second session, Local 455 once again presented a health care proposal with much of the same ideas that they have proposed in the past, including a health care fund merger with other UFCW locals’ health and welfare trust funds. Their proposal still doesn’t address the company’s requirements that we shared from the start of negotiations early last year, including:

  • Secure, reliable and affordable benefits
  • Modern plan designs for better health outcomes
  • Size and scale of the Kroger Family of Companies
  • Transparency and standardization in administration

We believe the union’s proposal does not meet these requirements and is not in the best interest of our associates that are now enrolled and receiving high-quality, affordable benefits in a company-administered plan.

If you are enrolled in the company plan, we encourage you to participate in the many programs and perks that the plan offers, including the Engage app and Total Health, Total You. For more information on your health care benefits, please contact the Kroger Benefits Service Center at 1-877-373-3397.

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