Where Do Things Stand with UFCW Local 455?


July 14th, 2021

It’s been about a month since our last update. We wanted to provide you with an update on what’s been happening with Local 455. Unfortunately, there is little new to report.

We continue to remain at impasse because of health care. The union has thus far refused to make any proposal that includes a company-administered plan and that issue is still preventing new contracts.

However, the union has recently indicated that they have new, though unspecified, proposals to present to the company and in good faith we have agreed to meet with Local 455 on July 29-30 to consider these unidentified proposals to determine whether in fact they might break our impasse on health care.

We have also heard that the union is planning additional activities that may potentially disrupt your workplace and service to our customers. In fact, Local 455 is now trying to tie negotiations over your new contracts in Houston to negotiations in Little Rock and Memphis. This is unfortunate and does nothing to help reach an agreement here in Houston. In Houston negotiations, we will only bargain a contract related to Houston associates.

Consider this: Negotiations in those areas should not prevent Houston associates from reaching an agreement that is right for Houston associates. We believe Local 455 is running out of options and are now trying to use negotiations in other areas to convince you that they are somehow looking out for you.

Union members should be asking: Is Local 455 looking out for your best interest or their own? Why haven’t they allowed you to vote on the company’s Last, Best, and Final offer?

The company-administered plan remains the best option for our associates, and we have not seen any proposal from Local 455 that would convince us otherwise. Regardless, the company will see what they bring to the table and – as always – will provide you with an update after our meetings scheduled for later this month.

If you have questions, please ask your store leader. You can also stay up to date by visiting www.krogerhoustoncba.com.

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