Lake Charles, Sulphur, and Alexandria Contract Negotiation Update

Lake Charles

July 29th, 2021

Kroger Houston and UFCW Local 455 met on July 27 for discussions on our modified Comprehensive Best Offer (CBO) for your Lake Charles, Sulphur, and Alexandria Retail Clerks and Meat contracts.

Our Comprehensive Best Offer affirms our commitment to our associates and provides, in part:

  • Stable and secure health care benefits through a company-administered health care plan; and
  • Immediate wage increases, with opportunities to increase wages throughout the life of the contract.

During this most recent session with Local 455, we discussed the company’s goal to increase your wages immediately. You are long overdue for an increase in wages, and you deserve more money in your pockets now!

Investment in Wages

Our Comprehensive Best Offer provides increases of up to $2.60 per hour, depending on role and classification. For example:

  • Department Heads – would receive up to $1.50 more per hour, depending on store sales volume
  • Courtesy Clerks – would receive $1.25 first-year wage increase
  • Red-Circled Full-Time Clerks would receive up to $1.30 more per hour
  • Full-time and Part-time Clerks would be placed on the same wage progression scale

Please see a store leader for a copy of the proposed new wage progressions and what our proposed wage increases would mean to you.

We have encouraged Local 455 to offer you the opportunity to vote on the wage proposal in our Comprehensive Best Offer while we continue to bargain other aspects of your contract. Doing so would allow you to see an immediate increase in your weekly paycheck. Unfortunately, they said “NO” to allowing a ratification vote on our wage proposal which means “NO” to potentially increasing your take-home pay now!

Despite the clear benefit to you, our associates, and its members, Local 455 will not allow you to vote for increased pay at this time.

We respect your right to vote. The company also recognizes what more pay would mean to you and your family. Local 455 members should ask themselves: Why won’t the union let me vote on the company’s wage proposal which could mean more money in my pocket sooner?

Next Steps

We believe these proposed wage increases would significantly benefit you. Therefore, we think it is unfair that the union is refusing to allow you to vote. If you agree with the company’s proposal to increase your pay after reviewing this new wage proposal, contact your union and let them know you want these wages NOW! We have offered more bargaining dates to Local 455 to negotiate next week and are waiting to hear back from them.

It’s Your Turn to Decide and Act

  • Review our wage proposal and decide what you think.
  • Call on your union to allow you to vote and ratify an agreement on higher wages
  • Encourage the union to continue discussions on your new contract

The wage proposal is available at the link below or see a store leader for a copy of our wage proposal and review the specifics. If you have any further questions, please contact your store leader, who will keep you updated.  We appreciate all that you do to serve our customers, our communities, and each other.

Lake Charles Clerk and Meat Wage Best Offer to Settle Proposal

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