What is Local 455 Really Up To?

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August 28th, 2021

The company has recently learned that UFCW Local 455 plans to hold a vote on the Last, Best, and Final Offer we proposed over a year ago!

  • It’s unfortunate that the union didn’t allow you to vote last year when we were offering ratification bonuses with our Last, Best, and Final Offer. The union explained at that time that you could not vote because the UFCW International president had determined your doing so was detrimental to the union. What has changed?
  • That decision potentially kept money out of your pocket and was certainly not what you deserve. However, since the union determines whether you vote and when we encourage you to take this opportunity and let your voice be heard.

We have heard that you are frustrated and just want this process to be over with and have a new agreement in place. We want that too! We don’t believe that the union really wants an agreement, as evidenced by their tactics, misleading communications, and how they have been negotiating since February 2020. Regardless, now is your opportunity to vote and approve the company’s Last, Best, and Final Offer.

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Consider the following:

FACT: Local 455 has provided no meaningful proposals to break the impasse on health care. The union’s proposal involves moving your health care to a consolidated plan that does not currently exist. They have not provided other options and continue to hold up your agreement over this.

FACT: Houston associates enrolled in the company-administered plan effective January 1, 2021, and are enjoying excellent benefits that are reliable and affordable. This is almost 10% more than were most recently enrolled in the old South-Central plan.

FACT: All associates have received wage increases over the last 10 months since we implemented our Last, Best, and Final Offer in September 2020.

Local 455 also recently shared that the National Labor Relations Board has decided to issue a complaint against Kroger on one or more unfair labor practice charges.

FACT: The company has not received notice of a complaint being issued by the NLRB regarding negotiations in Houston.

FACT: The company is confident that it has lawfully bargained this contract in good faith.

If you have questions, please ask your store leader or you can email askhouston@kroger.com.

Click here to review the Complete Last Best Final Offer.

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