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September 3rd, 2021

Kroger Houston has provided you with ongoing updates since the start of negotiations in February 2020. We have been open and transparent throughout this process. You should know the facts before voting on our Last, Best and Final Offer (LBFO). That’s why we have posted information for more than a year at for you to download and review.

CLICK here to review Kroger’s LBFO

Before you vote on the company’s Last, Best and Final Offer, consider the following:

  • The company offered ratification bonuses with our LBFO on August 19, October 14, and December 1. The union explained at that time that you could not vote because the UFCW International president had determined your doing so was detrimental to the union. What has changed?
    • That decision potentially kept money out of your pocket and was certainly not what you deserve.
  • All associates have received wage increases over the last 10 months since we implemented our LBFO in September 2020, and you will continue to receive increases.
  • Our Last, Best and Final Offer on full-time and part-time ratios does not impact the status of any current full-time associate.
  • Since implementing our LBFO, associates are now able to work across departments, which potentially gives them the opportunity to work more hours and learn more aspects of the business
    • Recall that under the old South-Central plan associates’ benefits were reduced for a year in May 2019 through April 2020. The company’s LBFO guarantees such benefit reductions will not occur for the life of the contract.
    • Associates are now enrolled in the company-administered plan effective January 1, 2021 and are currently enjoying excellent benefits that are reliable and affordable. This includes almost 10% more associates than were most recently enrolled in the old South-Central plan.
  • The company is confident that it has lawfully bargained this contract in good faith.

Learn more about our Last, Best, and Final Offer by visiting this link, ask a leader, or email

CLICK HERE for a copy of our Last, Best and Final Offer

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