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Lake Charles

September 18th, 2021


Kroger wants to provide secure and affordable health care benefits for the life of your contract. As a reminder, your health care benefits over the last few years have been anything but stable. Despite the company’s required contributions, your benefits were significantly reduced in May 2019. Kroger presented a Last, Best, and Final Offer to Local 455, which includes health care provided through a company-administered plan, bringing stability, security, and predictability to your benefits now and in the future.

Our offer below is for all associates in the Lake Charles, Sulphur, and Alexandria clerks and meat clerks’ contracts hired before January 1, 2022.  Here are some highlights of our company health care plan proposal.

The complete plan design is available for your review at this link for Retail Clerks. The plan design for Meat clerks is found at this link.

*Weekly associate contributions include Medical, RX, Dental, and Vision


Associate Contributions Weekly* Proposed Company Plan
Associate $9.00 (2022) / $10.00 (2023)
Associate + Spouse $39.00 (2022) / $42.00 (2023)
Associate + Child(ren) $15.00 (2022) / $16.00 (2023)
Associate + Family $46.00 (2022) / $49.00 (2023)
Plan Design (In-Network)
Preventive Coverage 100%
Coinsurance – Company 80%
Coinsurance – Associate 20%
Annual Deductible Single/Family $550/$1,100


Out-of-Pocket Max Single/Family $8,150/$16,300
Annual/Lifetime Max Benefit Unlimited
Eligibility – avg hours per week 1/1/22 1/1/2023
Employee only 25 hrs/wk 27 hrs/wk
Employee + Spouse

Employee + Child (ren)

30+ hrs/wk No change
Employee + Spouse + Child(ren) 36 hrs/wk No change
Stability Period

Once qualified, participants are guaranteed health care coverage for 12 months, regardless of how many hours are worked during that time period.

12 months


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