Negotiations Update: Parties Remain Deadlocked on Health Care

Lake Charles

October 15th, 2021

Kroger and UFCW Local 455 met on Tuesday, October 12, to discuss our Last, Best, and Final Offer on your Lake Charles, Sulphur, and Alexandria Retail clerks.  As you may remember, in attempt to reach an agreement, Kroger presented the union with our Last, Best, and Final Offer on September 17.

What Happened?

In addition to reviewing our proposed wage increases, affordable health care benefits and other items in our Last, Best and Final Offer with Local 455, the company also reviewed the union’s health care proposal.

Unfortunately, the union did not come prepared to bargain. Local 455’s health care proposal was not a complete comprehensive proposal. However, it did include a lot of what ifs and maybes. At this point in bargaining, the union’s proposals should be more well thought out and complete.

One point that the union did cover in their proposal was higher associate weekly contributions than those that we have proposed in the company-administered plan.

Bottom line: Nothing has changed, and we remain deadlocked over health care.

Next Steps

Time is of the essence. In our Last, Best and Final Offers, we made a commitment to significantly invest in your wages and provide stable and affordable benefits in a company plan. We want to put more money in your pocket and provide you and your family the peace of mind that your benefits will remain secure and affordable for years to come.

With history as our guide, we believe the union will continue to stall and drag out the negotiations process in their misguided attempt to keep your benefits in the South-Central Fund. We’ve been bargaining with Local 455 since May and have not reached an agreement. We encourage you to review and download our Last, Best and Final Offer  or ask your store leader for copies.

Thank you for all that you do to serve our customers, our communities, and each other.


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