No One Wins in a Strike


November 5th, 2021

We have heard that the union is planning yet another strike authorization vote next week.

Unfortunately, this means we must be prepared in the event the union chooses to take this action. That’s why you will see us making contingency plans. We hope the union won’t take this course.

The union uses a strike threat as a tactic because they believe it puts pressure on the company. In reality, it puts stress on you. It makes your work life and paycheck uncertain.

  • A strike threat is wrong.
    • You have received and will continue to receive pay increases.
    • You have secure and affordable health care through a company-administered plan.
    • You can count on a more secure pension for your retirement.
    • But, despite all this, Local 455 is now asking you to vote for a strike that could potentially disrupt your lives!
  • A strike threat also makes no logical sense. Can the union really expect to get a better contract by striking and harming the company financially?
  • No one wins with a strike. We believe it always does harm and is never any good for anyone.

The union may try to convince you otherwise.

Ask yourself:

  • Would you and other associates be better off if a strike is called by the union and you potentially don’t receive a paycheck from the company?

 Please talk to a store leader if you have any questions? Information is also available on the Resource page of this website.

Thank you for all that you do for the team, the stores, the community, and each other.


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