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November 15th, 2021


We’ve been bargaining with Local 455 for nearly two years, and once again, we will provide you with the FACTS based on the Union’s most recent communication.

The Union’s Misleading Statements The Facts on our Last, Best, and Final Offer (LBFO)
Allows outside vendors to take your hours ·   Our LBFO allows the company to receive the same level of support and services that our competitors receive.
Reduces full-time jobs ·   Our LBFO’s Full-Time and Part-Time ratio does not impact the status of any current Full-Time associate.
Cuts daily overtime ·   As far as we are aware, our competitors do not offer daily overtime.

·   Instead of eliminating daily OT, we have modified our previous proposal to pay daily OT for any time after an 8.5-hour workday.

·   We will also continue to provide overtime after 40 hours worked per week.

·   It’s also important to note that your coworkers in Louisiana, also covered by Local 455, do not have daily overtime in their contract.

Crossover language erodes hours ·   Our LBFO allows associates to move across departments and could potentially mean additional hours for associates.
Cuts newly hired part-time workers maximum vacation benefit in half ·   This language would have only affected future part-time associates hired on or after 1.3.2021, who can still get up to three weeks of paid vacation.

·   Part-time employees have more opportunities to have time off at their convenience to meet their personal needs much more so than full-time employees.


·        Excludes majority from initial pay increases

·        Places employees into frozen wage scales

·        Eliminates the 6-month progression wage scale


·   Our LBFO’s simplified wage scale, effective February 2021, provides more meaningful and more competitive wages each year, including wage increases for all associates. The next wage increases for all non top-rated associates placed in the wage scales are set for February 2022.

·   Implementation includes hourly rate increases for all associates, ranging from $.90 to $2.45 per hour through April 2023.

·   Department Heads receive more money than they have ever received and at a quicker pace – $1.50 through April 2023.

·   Leads and Top-rate associates received their wage increases in August 2021 and will again in August 2022.

·   The company significantly increased and condensed the wage scales by 3-6 steps, putting more money in your pocket faster.

·   Assistant Department Heads were given a straight $1.00 premium in October 2020. This premium exceeded any premiums offered for Assistant Department Heads in the past.

Wages implemented without retro pay ·   Your wages increased when we implemented the LBFO. Retro pay was not applicable because your wage increases were implemented prior to the progression date on the wage scale. If the Union had its way, you would still be waiting on increases!

·   Ask your union why they did not allow you to vote on the LBFO when we offered ratification bonuses?


Click to find the complete LBFO for our retail and meat associates, including wages and health care plan. Complete copies of our LBFO can be downloaded for review or ask your store leader for a copy. Thank you for all that you are doing to take care of your customers and each other.