Kroger Houston and Local 455 Reach Fully Recommended Tentative Agreements


April 6th, 2022

Kroger Houston is excited to announce that we have reached fully recommended tentative agreements on new contracts for our Houston retail clerks and meat associates. This is great news!

These are good, recommended agreements and recognize our associates for their hard work by delivering significant wage increases, maintaining affordable healthcare, and continuing to provide associates with a pension for retirement.

Both the company and union bargaining committees worked hard over the last several days to come together and reach these fully recommended tentative agreements. We thank them for their efforts and dedication.

The union will share the details of these tentative agreements in upcoming ratification meetings soon.

You are encouraged to learn more about the agreements, attend the meeting for your bargaining unit, and VOTE!

Thank you for your patience during this process and your commitment to serving our customers and community.


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