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Company and Union Open Houston Contract Negotiations

What’s New: The company shared an initial presentation focusing on the current state of the division. The union’s bargaining committee asked questions about the presented topics, offered feedback and shared ideas.


Next Steps: The company and union bargaining committees are scheduled to meet again on Tuesday, January 23, and Friday, January 26.


What Matters: The company’s bargaining committee conveyed their goal for these contract negotiations, aiming for an agreement that is good for you and the company, including competitive wages, affordable health care benefits, and a pension plan for your retirement. By working together, we believe we can reach this goal.


Bottom Line: Store leaders will keep you informed with updates as the negotiations progress.  Also, we will post the latest updates on the store communication board and online at

Thank you for all you do to take care of our customers and each other.  Connect with your store leader if you have any additional questions.