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A Thank You From Your Division President

Dear valued Kroger Houston Division Associate,

On behalf of the entire Kroger Houston Division leadership team, thank you for recently ratifying your new collective bargaining agreement.

The company was committed to investing in your well-being by working with the union to negotiate new contracts for our retail clerks and meat associates and put more money in your pocket sooner.

Your contract is a direct reflection of these commitments and will:

  • Invest more money in current associates by increasing wages ─ Up to almost 6% in hourly pay increases in the first year and over 8% to more than 11% in incremental wage increases over the life of the contract, depending on associates’ roles and classifications.
    • Improve wage scales for all classifications
    • Increase entry level wages
    • Reward department heads and top-rated clerks
  • Continue affordable and industry-leading healthcare while reducing hours eligibility requirement for health care coverage
  • Maintain pensions for your retirement, which many of our non-union competitors do not provide.

Wage increases for associates in progressions are retroactive to February 25, 2024, for hours worked. You will start to see these wage increases on or around your April 5 paycheck. Ratification bonuses for eligible associates will be paid on or around March 22, 2024.

The Houston area remains a fiercely competitive retail environment for us; however, with these investments, we feel that we can attract and retain great associates like you and, at the same time, keep Kroger successful.

I’ve been in the retail industry for more than 30 years. In my time in the Houston division, I’ve witnessed a strong family-like bond, and it’s important to me that we maintain that connection.

Thank you again for your hard work, dedication, and commitment to providing an exceptional, Full, Fresh and Friendly shopping experience for our customers each and every day.


Laura Gump | Houston Division President