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Company and Union Search for Common Ground

The Kroger Houston Division and UFCW Local 455 met this week on Wednesday, February 14 and Thursday, February 15. The bargaining committees met to find resolution and agreement on the economic elements of your meat and retail clerks’ contracts.

We believe working together requires honest discussions through which we try to find areas of agreement and work through issues when both parties may disagree.

What Happened: Last week, the company shared the Comprehensive Offers on the meat and retail clerks’ contracts with the union. We believe this offer affirms our commitment to you, our desire to reach an agreement that is good for you and helps to maintain a sustainable grocery business in the highly competitive Houston market.

Next Meeting: The bargaining committees are scheduled to meet next week on Wednesday, February 21 and Thursday, February 22.

February 24 – Contracts Expire: We understand the negotiations process can become stressful, especially as we come closer to February 24, when both contracts expire. As bargaining carries on next week, we are hopeful we can come to a good agreement with the union before the contracts expire.

As we made the commitment to you to provide open and transparent communications throughout this negotiations process, we will keep you updated online and through your store leader.

Thank you for the support you show each other and the friendly and thoughtful service you provide to our customers and communities every day.