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Company’s Comprehensive Proposal Offers Wage Increases and Maintains Benefits


Kroger Houston and UFCW Local 455 bargaining committees met on Tuesday, February 6, and Wednesday, February 7, continuing the work of bargaining your Houston Retail Clerks’ and Meat Associates’ contracts. During today’s session, we presented our Comprehensive Offer.  It’s a good offer, providing market-competitive wages, industry-leading healthcare, and retirement benefits.


Comprehensive Offer:  Our offer affirms our commitment to our associates and provides, in part:

  • Nearly 5% to 7% in hourly wage increases through the life of the two-year agreement.
  • Immediate 4.6% hourly wage increase at ratification for top-rate clerks.
  • Enhanced clerk starting rates move to $14 by 2025 to retain and recruit talented associates.
  • Simplified and improved four-step wage scales providing more money for all clerks, rewarding your commitment with hourly wage rate increases based on hours worked each year.
    • Reduced health care costs ̶ what you pay every week in healthcare would go down by 40%, putting $4 to $19.60 back in your weekly paycheck in 2025 and 2026, depending on what coverage tier you chose.
  • Continued investment in your pension.

What’s Next: The company and union have scheduled another bargaining meeting on February 8. Additional bargaining dates are scheduled for the week of February 12.

As negotiations progress, we will keep you updated online, with handouts, and through your store leader. Thank you for everything you do to support each other, your store team, and the communities we serve.