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Kroger Houston Calls on UFCW Local 455 to Engage in Positive Negotiations

When the union announced recently that they were seeking strike authorization from their members, our Houston Division negotiations team was greatly confused and disappointed.

What Happened? Consider these facts:

  1. The company and union bargaining committees met for two sessions during the week of Jan. 8.
  2. The committees engaged in lively discussions and presented shared goals. The company participated in good faith bargaining.
  3. Shortly after, the union announced a strike vote and received strike authorization.

What is the Connection?

  1. Why did the union announce a strike vote so quickly after only two meetings?
  2. Why did the union announce a strike vote before the company presented its wage proposals?
  3. Why do they want to risk disrupting your livelihood and you and your families’ lives?

This is What We Know

A threat of a strike is not serving you or the union’s members. Strikes hurt everyone.  A strike would prevent more money from going in your pocket sooner, drives customers to non-union competitors, and disrupts the business. Why this and why now?

Bottom Line

The Houston Division has invested in your future and in your well-being.  We are committed to engaging in good faith bargaining.  Ask your union to do the same so we may come to an agreement that is good for you and the communities we serve.

As negotiations progress, we will keep you updated on 24/7 and through your store leader.

Thank you for what you do each day to serve our customers and community.