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Union Calls Strike Authorization Vote

We understand that UFCW Local 455 recently asked members to attend a meeting and vote on strike authorization. We don’t understand why the union is asking you to go down this road now. It doesn’t make sense.

Consider the following:

  • The bargaining committees met on January 9th and January 10th, presented opening statements, discussed healthcare, listened to complaints, and made progress in negotiations.
  • Why is the union asking you to potentially jeopardize your paycheck and benefits at this time?
  • We know that several areas contribute to wellness for all of us. The company is committed to negotiating a contract that invests in good wages for you with, affordable health care, and a pension for when you retire.
  • If union membership votes to grant strike authorization, the union can call for a strike at any time after the February 24 contract expiration date without further input from you.
  • You can influence the union’s request for strike authorization by voting at the union’s upcoming meeting and, if you disagree that a strike makes sense, voting “no” on strike authorization. Don’t let others make this important decision for you and your family.

If the union secures strike authorization from its members, they would be unable to initiate a strike before the contract expiration date on February 24. Unfortunately, it also means we must be prepared should the union receive strike authorization and take this action when possible.

That’s why you may see us making contingency plans. This is not something we want to do but must so we can continue to run our business if a work stoppage occurs.

We hope that if the union receives authorization, they won’t take this course of action because we believe no one wins with a strike. Not our associates. Not our customers. Not our company. The union may try to convince you otherwise.

The choice is yours.

Do what is right for you and your family.


If you have questions, please ask your store leader.

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